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2006 Lifetime Achievement Award

Mr Karl SchneiderMr. Schneider,

It is my honor to inform you the Board of Directors of the North American Saddle Mule Association has awarded you the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Those nominating you had this to say about you.

“He has worked so diligently getting NASMA back on track along with so many others. For many, like Karl it was the first order of business every single day until NASMA was reclaimed.”

“He absolutely loves being an ambassador for the mules & donkeys. Every time Karl can show or talk mule or donkey with anyone who will listen, he does...”

“He has his donkeys out showing, trail riding, doing parades etc. and spreads the word about the versatility of both mules & donkeys.”

“He has worked to put on several shows (The World Show in MO, The Classic in AL, Several unrated fun shows in OH) throughout his many years with mules & donkeys.”

“He was President and very active in the Mid-States Mule & Donkey Club when he lived in Ohio.”

“He became qualified to be an inspector for the American Donkey & Mule Society.”

“He has been an outstanding zone director, rallying and trying to get more people to join and become involved.”

“He has shown time & again, that his biggest passion is NASMA, its people and its wonderful animals.”

This recognition by the Board of Directors of NASMA has also been conferred on

Paul and Betsy Hutchins, Texas
Dr. Robert Miller DVM, California
Dr. Tex Taylor, Texas
Meredith Shultz Hodges, Colorado
Sue Cole, Missouri
Ron Clayton, Arizona
Bonnie Shields, Sandpoint, Idaho
Ken Colbert, Missouri

We appreciate your commitment to mules and donkeys and the ideals of the Association.



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