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Charter Members

The following families made a substantial financial commitment to the development of this association. Their Charter Memberships provided the initial funds with which to underwrite the formation NASMA. Without their commitment to Saddle Mules and the Saddle Mule industry, NASMA would not be a reality. Their foresight and pledge of confidence is greatly ap­preciated by the association.

In 1994, with a group of generous Charter Members who shared, not only their financial support, but also their vision of a mule organization which would establish standards for showing the saddle mule and recognize members' achievements in competition and trail riding, the North American Saddle Mule Association was founded. A commitment of $200.00 a piece and a lot of volunteer sweat and tears, the NASMA Charter Members held their first meeting and NASMA sanctioned show using the new NASMA Rule Book at the 1994 ADMS National Show in Dallas, Texas.

Their vision included a Registry for mules and donkeys that would allow for the documentation of bloodlines that produced performance animals; an arm of the Association that would provide opportunities for scholarship and recognition of NASMA Youth; an Amateur Performance Division in which amateur riders who owned and showed their own mules would receive acknowledgment for their efforts as non- pro contestants; a Trail Riding Program in which members could receive recognition for their hours spent with their favorite Saddle Mule or Donkey on the trails and a Performance Show “open to the world” to showcase abilities of the donkey and mule. Realization of those wishes have come to pass and the vision they shared became a reality.

Jim Adkins, Colorado
Warren Bagley, Tennessee
Allen & Elaine Case, Oregon
Tom & Glenda Fagg, Texas
Loyd & Sarah Hawley, Arkansas
Herb & Beverly Heroy, Florida
Jim & Sue King-Joling, Texas
Tex Low, Texas
Bob & Mary Mischka, Wisconsin
Bill & Jane Moore, Tennessee
Dixie Musick, Texas
Greg & Liz Sefton, Florida
Joyce & John Stratton, Oregon
Diann & Bob Walker, Texas
Nick & Lynne York, Colorado


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