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Daryl Talbot, Cowboy Cartoonist

1998 marked the first year that NASMA participated in what was known at that time as the Color Breeds Council, CBC, now called the International Equine Judges Seminar, in Oklahoma City.  With the help of Daryl Bilke, Jim Isley, Doug Haws and John Abrams, the newly formed North American Saddle Mule Association joined the ApHA, APHA, NBHA, IBHA, and other colored breed associations in a unique experience in which horse show judges are trained, take tests and are carded by different associations to officiate at their shows.  It was a very exciting time for the new mule association be recognized with other breed associations.

Daryl Talbot, Cowboy CartoonistAt this first meeting, Daryl Talbot, (pictured) Cowboy Cartoonist attended.  His cartoons and illustrations are used in magazines, books, T-shirts and greeting cards. Daryl's work is seen regularly in WESTERN HORSEMAN, HORSE ILLUSTRATED, and LEATHERNECK magazines, and LEANIN TREE greeting cards. He graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in art education in 1972 and is a member of the National Cartoonists Society, Cowboy Cartoonists International, and the Academy of Western Artists. In 1997 he received the Will Rogers Cowboy Cartoonist of the Year Award from the Academy of Western Artists.

Diann Walker, realizing this initiation of NASMA into the "horse world" should be immortalized in some artwork, commissioned Daryl Talbot to create something to recognize this auspicious  even.  After all, humor is one of the best traits of a good muleskinner.  He agreed and this is his rendition of The North American Saddle Mule Association being accepted into the Color Breeds Council.  A copy was given to Darl Bilke, Jim Isley, Doug Haws and John Abrams for their help.

You will surely recognize Daryl's unique style and sense of humor.  More of his work can be seen at

Daryl Talbot Cartoon


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