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Ronnie McGill - the First 50 Hours

1999 Ronnie McGill First 50 Hours in the VTP Program

Ronnie McGill, now living in Converse, TX, was born and raised in Phoenix and spent her childhood riding the hills around Squaw Peak and the canals of East Phoenix and Scottsdale.

She started liking mules after riding one in the Sierra Nevada Mountains about eight years ago. She bought Delilah in November ‘96. Of course, she looked at the fact that the mule really needed a good home rather than her being the exact mule Ronnie wanted. However, Delilah is gentle, gaited and a good walk/trot first mule. Ronnie can ride her without worry and enjoy the scenery. Delilah will take the lead or ride in the back and that’s important.

Ronnie was recently transferred from Tinker AFB in San Antonio. She hopes to join a riding group and rack up more miles on Delilah (if she doesn’t get deployed overseas again). Delilah is only coming 12 years so they’ll have many more years together. Ronnie hopes to eventually get a lighter boned mule to do more serious trail riding on.

Sounds like Ronnie has an awfully good mule now!



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