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Doug Waugh

Director Zone 6
Mays Lick, KY


Doug and I'm Mr. Slick for Doug's biography. Slick is the 2006 AGMA World Champion 5 and Over TN Walking Mule.
Doug Waugh is the owner of Locust Creek Mules, located in Mayslick, KY. Originally from Olive Hill, KY, Doug comes from a large family with 8 sisters and 2 brothers. As a second generation muleman, Doug grew up with mules. His father, Hayden Waugh, had work mules. Hayden didn't own a tractor. He plowed the garden, mowed the fields and logged with teams of mules. Doug remembers going to horse and mule sales when he was big enough to tag along. As a young boy, there were several mornings he woke up too sick to go to school, but felt better by the time his Dad was leaving for the horse sale. He felt good enough to go to the sale with his Dad. It didn't take long for Doug's father and mother to realize what was going on. At the sales, Hayden would buy a load of horses and ponies. After bringing them home and turning them out in the barn lot, Doug remembers he and his brothers not going to bed that night until they got to ride them to see if they were broke or not. As a teenager, Doug was a regular entrant in the local mule races. His mule 'Lucille' was undefeated in mule races and was eventually retired. Lucille, now close to 30 years old, resides at the Locust Creek farm.

Doug met his wife, Julie, when they were teenagers, at a horse sale held at the stockyards in Winchester KY. Now married 18 years, Doug and Julie are the parents of Jonathan Waugh. Jonathan, a senior at Mason County High School, is the vice president of his local FFA chapter and vice president of the NASMA youth association.

As the owner and trainer at Locust Creek Mules, Doug's specialty is gaited show and trail mules. Doug and his mule 'I'm Mr. Slick' won two AGMA World Championship titles at the 2006 Great Mule and Donkey Celebration held in Shelbyville TN. Doug also trains the 2006 AGMA World Champion 4 and under TN Walking Mule 'Gen and Ton'. Gen also won the Ladies Amateur and the Youth Trail Pleasure.

As a newly elected zone 6 director, Doug encourages everyone to take the time to come visit him at the farm or look him up at the many mule shows and sales that he attends across the country. You can visit Doug's website at or email him at

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