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Karl Schneider

Karl Schneider

Director Zone 8
Bell, FL




My name is Karl Schneider. My wife Nancy and I live near Bell, Florida a very small town in rural North Central Florida. We have mules, donkeys and about every breed of horse you can think of.

I was fortunate to be born and raised in the south, Mississippi specifically, where I worked mules in the cotton fields in my younger years. Being reasonably intelligent I quickly learned this was not what I wanted to do the rest of my life. Consequently Iím now retired after more than 45 years in the Commercial Aviation Industry.

Nancy and I enjoy showing our mammoth donkeys and Nancy rides her mules and Fresian horses dressage. We currently stand four jacks , two Fresian and one Connemara studs.

I have been a member of NASMA since 1996 and starting my 2nd year as a Zone 8 director.

I encourage all members to become actively involved in the running of your Association. Make your voice heard through your Zone Directors, join a Committee and/or run for office. We need your help and support in growing the organization.


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