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Internet Explorer 7 Issues

There have been numerous reports of individuals who suddenly cannot login to NASMA.  What's common for all is the use of Internet Explorer 7.  If you are not sure what Version of Internet Explorer you are using, it may be found under "Help/About".  NASMA is not unique with this problem.  Banks, Schools, etc are experiencing the same problem.  And, this is a hit and miss occurrence.
Things you can "try":

The first area to check is to make sure that you ALLOW cookies.  Most sites will use cookies.  Any site with a "Remember Me" uses cookies.

The absolute most common "recommendation" was to download Firefox.  Firefox would be an additional browser on your  machine with the default still being Internet Explorer 7 (unless you set Firefox as the default).  This is an additional browser - not a replacement.  Firefox is free.

Next common recommendation was a detailed picture of how to back out of Internet Explorer 7.  ONLY USE THIS IF YOU ARE A PREVIOUS Internet Explorer 6 USER AND WANT TO GO BACK TO Internet Explorer 6! One day, everybody will eventually have to use Internet Explorer 7 (new machine with Internet Explorer 6 NOT being an option - unless you switch to something like Firefox).

All spoke to allowing cookies! Some folks reported success w/ deleting their cookies and then trying again. Note: Deleting cookies will delete EVERY "Remember Me" from your machine.

Try logging on without the www.

Adding to list of "Allowed sites". (Tools/Internet Options/Privacy)

Check Spyware Applications blocking cookies.


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