Application for NASMDA Event Approval

Please print out this form, print or type your information,
and mail the following form to with check payable to:

NASMDA, 300 Gunter Smith RD, Pulaski, TN 38478
Please Attach a List of Classes

Please call or email for the Judge's List
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Name of Show
Show Date(s)
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Exhibitor Entries
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Level of Sanctioning Applied for: “A” “B” “C” NASMDA Congress Trail Ride
Application fee $25 NASMDA Member Organization
$50 Non-Member Organization
$75 late fee
Point of Contact
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Show Manager
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Show Secretary
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Entries: Amateur Classes are open only to carded NASMDA Amateurs who are exhibiting animals registered in with NASMDA in the Amateur's name. Amateurs must provide a copy of their Amateur card and animal's registration at time of entry.
Shows Results
►The results of every class at any approved show or contest, giving a complete list of competing mules, including the registration names and numbers (if applicable), exhibitors' and owners' names and NASMDA identification numbers, should be forwarded to NASMDA within fifteen (15) days after the completion of the show or contest.
►Show Management must collect two dollars ($2.00) per every mule entered, not to exceed $10 per owner, for single judge shows and three dollars ($3.00) per every mule entered, not to exceed $15 per owner, for multiple judge shows and for­ward to the NASMDA office in order for show results pro­cessed, unless waived by the Board of Directors.

On behalf of the management of the event stated in this application, I agree to comply with the North American Saddle Mule and Donkey Association rules in the conduct of the event. All classes, whether NASMDA approved classes or not, shall be conducted and judged in accordance with NASMDA rules.





N A S MD A     O F F I C E     U S E     O N L Y

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