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Lifetime Achievement Award

For a number of years, the Executive Committee presented a Lifetime Achievement to individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding dedication to the promotion of the saddle mule and donkey and exemplify the objectives outlined in NASMDA's Statement of Position as follows:

The North American Saddle Mule & Donkey Association's objectives are to:

  • preserve the records of the exhibition of the Saddle Mule and Donkey in all equestrian disciplines in which it is used, while maintaining the integrity of the Saddle Mule and Donkey;
  • encourage Saddle Mule and Donkey ownership and participation;
  • advocates the promotion of the Saddle Mule and Donkey for both pleasure and competition;
  • actively protect the Saddle Mule and Donkey by establishing and strictly enforcing rules which govern every NASMDA approved event in order to reflect the natural ability of the animal

To that end, NASMDA is committed to the following beliefs:

  • Every Saddle Mule and Donkey shall, at all times be treated humanely and with dignity, respect and compassion.
  • Stringent rules established and enforced by NASMDA demand that breeders, owners, trainers and exhibitors are continually responsible for the well being and humane treatment of any Saddle Mule and Donkey entrusted in their care.
  • Above all, the Saddle Mule and Donkey's welfare is paramount to other considerations and the continued of procedures which ensure humane treatment of the breed and fair competition supersedes all other considerations.
  • NASMDA will develop and review adequate and fair rules governing competitions and to enforce them for the common benefit.
  • NASMDA will encourage and assist all those involved in the breeding for, exhibition and promotion of the Saddle Mule and Donkey in the continued improvement of the Saddle Mule and Donkey in regard to its performance and development as a desirable saddle and harness animal.
The Executive Committee would like to receive nominations for consideration from the membership for this award. If you would like to nominate someone for this award, please submit their name and the reason you feel they most exemplify NASMDA's goals and objectives. The Executive Committee will consider all nominations in making their decision on the recipient.

The deadline for nomination for Lifetime Achievement Award is April 15


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