Membership Application

Please print out this form and mail to:
NASMDA, PO Box 207, Griswold, IA 51535 Phone: 712-789-0749
Make checks payable to:  North American Saddle Mule & Donkey Association

If Renewal: Current NASMDA Number: 
Farm Name:
City, State, Zip:
Home Phone:

   Work:    Cell:

Communication Preference:  Mail   Email  

 Family Discount:  20% for 3 or more memberships renewed/ordered at the same time.
 Applies to Membership fees only.

 Rulebook included with Memberships upon request.  Registration Forms  
One Year Membership  $30 Transfer Forms
Ten Year Membership - $180  Farm Name Registration Forms
Lifetime Membership - $300  
NASMDA Youth Membership - $20.  Date of birth:
Amateur Application - $20 (Must be Member to apply)
      Novice Application   Silver (over 50)  Send documentation to NASMDA Amateur Committee, PO Box 207, Griswold, IA 51535
Judge Application - $50 (Must be Member to apply)
      Requires Judges Application and References
$ Donation to Youth Scholarship Fund
Versatility Trail Program - $30 (Must be Member to apply)
Rule Book only - $5  

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