NASMDA Registration Application
Before you send in your paperwork, click here to read the Registration FAQ's.

• Registration Fees must accompany application
• Application must be complete
• One photocopy of each parent’s registration if registered in another association
Four good quality, clear color photos showing the animal to be registered from each side, front, and rear, without tack. Photos no larger than 3-1/2” x 5”. If animal has brand, close-up photo of brand must accompany application.
• Each animal offered for registration must be given a name acceptable to NASMA, not exceeding 25 letters including spaces, and must not conflict with any other registered NASMA animal.
• Print or type all information on this form. Any erasures or alteration on this form may necessitate verification or a new application.
All junior animals (5 years and under) must have either a mouthing certificate or breeders certificate.

Death of a Registered Animal
When any registered animal dies or is disposed of, the owner shall notify NASMDA and surrender the registration certificate to NASMDA for such notation. The registration certificate will be changed to note the animal’s death and returned to said owner, unless otherwise noted with the registration.

Questions? Terri Hurley, Registrar
Phone:  507-273-1573

If paying for membership with this application, please complete the Membership Application and include appropriate fees.
Fees   NASMDA Logo
Registration $30
Transfer $20
Correction $15
Replacement $15
Rush Fees
– Non-Refundable

Indicate RUSH
on outside of envelope

Maximum 10 working days to process, add $25
Return of certificate via USPS Express Mail, add $30

Print out, fill in (please type or print) and return both pages of completed application with all required information, signatures, and photos and Check payable to
North American Saddle Mule & Donkey Assn

NASMDA Registrar
74713 290th St
Grand Meadow, MN 55936

NASMDA Office Use Only
Owner’s Name:  NASMDA # 
Animal Name:    Reg.#  



Section One: Complete information on mule/hinny or donkey to be registered
NAME (not to exceed 25 characters):
You can check on already registered names here.
Foaling Date:  Month    Day      Year 
State Foaled in:  Color: 
Color Mane:  Tail:
Molly Mule John Mule Donkey Gelding Jack Donkey Jennet Donkey 
Height (Mules do not need to be measured)
 Mammoth Standard
Brand Location: 
(A close-up photo of brand must accompany application)
Draw Brand here:
Permission to use NASMA Registered Farm Name Prefix as registered with NASMDA (not to exceed 20 characters):
Authorizing Signature:


Section Two: Breeding of mule/hinny or donkey
Sire & Reg#: 
Signature of Owner of Sire at time of breeding:

Dam & Reg#: 
Dates Bred:  to
Signature of Owner of Dam at time of breeding:

NASMDA Membership #: 
Address (if not a NASMDA Member)

Sire’s Sire, Name of Registry & Reg#:

Sire’s Dam, Name of Registry & Reg#:
Dam’s Sire, Name of Registry & Reg#:
Dam’s Dam, Name of Registry & Reg#:

Please include copy of sire and dam’s Registration Certificates where applicable. 
Other Registration Number & Name
Section Three: Owner of mule/hinny or donkey
Owner:    Phone:    NASMDA #: 
Address (if different from Membership) 

Signature & Date:


For Junior Mules and Donkeys 5 years and younger

I certify that the (color)   mule/hinny/donkey named is years old. Signature of Owner:
Signature of Veterinarian: ______________________ License #: ____________ State:  ___