North American Flags North American Saddle Mule Association

Zone 1

Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington

Zone 1 States

Ron & Onita Hilleary
8259 Rainrock Rd. N.E., Newark, OR 43055
Phone: 740-745-5635 -

We own and sometimes sell mules. We love to trail ride with our mules.

LS Training Stables - John & Joyce Stratton, Owners
John Stratton, Trainer - Jessica Bishop, Trainer
38395 Griggs Drive, Lebanon, OR 97355
Phone: 541-259-3912

Own, raise, sell, and show Mules and Donkeys. NASMA members.

Wild Ass Ranch - Molly & Jerry Schmeltzer
Colton, OR 97017
Phone: (503) 630-7661 Fax: (503) 630-7050

Mule owners since 1977. We have been known to show our mules but are more likely in the mountains packing and trail riding, or at home clearing trails and doing maintenance. NASMA Lifetime Members. Nothing for sale, but if you're in the area give us a call and come for a visit.

9C Mule Ranch - Larry & Bobbi Jo Body
529C KnaOpp Rd, Colville, WA 99114
Tele: 509-684-4319

We own Mules, show them sometimes and sometimes have them for sale.

Carousel Farms - Linda & Jerry Johnson
46032 268 Ave SE, Enumclaw, WA 98022
Phone: (360) 825-1550 Fax: (360) 825-7869

Own, raise and show Mammoth Donkeys. Stand a performance jack, "Carousel Farms Bear Track Chuck" to both mares and jennets. Always have donkeys for sale. NASMA member.

Osceola Kingdom Longears - Sue and Doug Wallace
22005 SE 456th Way, Enumclaw, WA 98022
Phone: (360) 825-8803 - Fax: (360) 802-2349

Own, raise, and sometimes sell mules. Own "Little Brother Brewster," 1997 ADMS RHPT JR Mule. Own, raise, and sell mammoth donkeys and stand a mammoth jack. Show mules and donkeys. NASMA member.

Black Ass Woods Mule Ranch - Jim & Donna Baker
W814 W. Staley Road, Deer Park, WA 99006
Phone/Fax: (509) 276-6805
Own, raise, sell, and show mules. NASMA members.

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