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On-Line VTP Submits


How this will work
You must be in the "Member's Area" to check or submit your Hours.
(Contact to request your ID and password)

  1. You will need to send any hours you have accumulated prior to DATE to the VTP Chairman.  Your received submit will appear like this:
  2. If you choose to mail-in your Log Sheets, your received hours will appear like this:
  3. If you choose to submit each date as a separate entry from your Member's Area, you will be entering your Log Sheet as "Pending" hours as which will appear like this:

    You will be able to correct items by deleting (trash can) and re-entering.
  4. Once complete, "Submit to Recorder".
  5. These hours will remain on your On-Line Log Sheet Submit until received/accepted by the VTP Recorder.  You will be able to tell that the recorder as received and accepted your hours!  At that time, they will reflect on your "Check My Hours" link within your Member's Area.  Your new cumulative hours will look like this:

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