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Our association, SEDRA, would like to encourage all breed owner/riders to develop an interest in the sport of long distance riding and we need your help! There are many breeds of equines, mules and ponies including yours that are capable of competing safely in this sport with the right conditioning and we would like to encourage your members to share our interests!

We offer a variety of activities for the whole family, friends, co-workers and club members. Riding trails, enduring nature's obstacles, camping, learning to manage oneself and your riding partner on long distances, are a few activities that we enjoy!

What is SEDRA? South Eastern Distance Riders Association

SEDRA is an organization dedicated to the distance sports of endurance, competitive trail and competitive driving and to the owners of equine athletes. Its purpose is to encourage the growth and popularity of distance related equine sports throughout Florida and the southeastern U.S. SEDRA is a sanctioning body that fosters the establishment of well-managed distance events conducted and judged under standard rules and guidelines provided by SEDRA.

What SEDRA Offers...

* Sanctioned Distance Rides
* Published Set of Distance Riding Rules
* Distance Riding Mentoring Program
* Lifetime Mileage Accrual for Horses
* Lifetime Mileage Accrual for Riders
* Distance Ride Calendar and Website
* SEDRA monthly newsletter and optional subscription to Horse and Pony
* Membership Directory
* Annual Educational Seminar
* Annual Awards Banquet
* Annual Membership Meetings/Elections
* Year-End High Point and Special Awards
* Annual Mileage Accrual Awards
* Annual SEDRA Hall of Fame Awards
* Volunteer Award Program

SEDRA will help you gain greater knowledge in the selection, care and use of the distance horse, no matter the breed. Competition is open to all breeds of horses, mules and ponies.

We would like to provide the information about your Distance Award Program to our membership and those who have an interest, so that they can get the recognition they deserve. We have members that are competing with many gaited and non-gaited breeds besides the Arab, such as Mules, Walkers, Quarter Horses, Paints, Moyles, just to name a few. To start we would like to promote your breed by linking up to your website, one link to your awards information to be placed on our Award Programs page under a Breed Award category and another link to your Home Page placed on our Reference Menu - Links page of our web site and in exchange, promote Distance Riding by placing our website link on to yours. If you could send us some marketing material so that we can have it able to our members and non-members participating in our clinics, that would be great!

If more information is needed please let us know what else we can offer or what direction we need to take, to make this award opportunity/link exchange happen for all of our members!

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Caren Stauffer


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