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2018 NASMA Approved Judges

Show Managers!  The Official NASMA Rulebook state:

“Any organization, club or individual may request their show or contest and the results be recognized by NASMA. Application forms must be obtained from the NASMA secretary … An application shall be postmarked to the NASMA secretary at least 90 days prior to the show or contest entry deadline or show date. …” [See Official Rulebook or contact the NASMA Executive Secretary for complete show sanctioning instructions.]  Rule 135A states, “Judges for NASMA approved classes must be selected from the current approved list of the North American Saddle Mule Association judges.”

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Cards Held

Shows Judged
OH Abell, Mark 740-286-1064  Needs Renewed NASMA, ABRA, POAC 2017 Darke County Fair
2013 NASMA National Show
2013 Great Celebration
2012 Ohio Mule and Donkey Classic
2011 Darke County Fair
2010 NAILE
2010 Ohio Classic
2008 Great Celebration
IL Adams, Michael 217-415-3282  Current    
OK Bilke, Darrell L. 405-826-2223   Current NASMA, AQHA 2016 Denver National Western
2014 NASMA National Show
2014 Great Celebration
2013 Congress - Trail & Reining
2010 Fort Smith
2009 NAILE
OK Boggs, David 405 590 2783  Current PtHA, APHA  
MO Brouster, Barbara 573-220-0149  Current NASMA, AMHA, IBHA, ABRA, POAC, PtHA 2011 KY State Championship
2011 Denver National
2007 All Star
2007 Adams County Fair
2006 World Show
2006 KY State Championship
IL Butler, Cindy 618-581-2655  Current    
OK Butler, Gerald 405 641 5201  Current AMHA, APHA, PtHA 2015 All American Congress
2015 Denver National Western
2014 Florida State Fair
2013 Texas State Championship Show
2013 All American Congress
TN Carter, Mike 615 210 1273  Current AQHA, APHA, NSBA, ApHC, PtHC, AND POA 2017 NASMA National Show
2017 Great Celebration
2015 All American Congress - Judges 3 & 4
TN Carter, Charlene 615 210-6133  Current AQHA, NRHA, APHA, PHBA, NSBA, ApHC, PtHC AND POA 2016 NASMA National Show
2016 Great Celebration
2015 All American Congress
NC Cochran, Tom 919-542-3565  Current ADMS, NC Open Judges Certification, NASMA, NMDA, POAC 2015 NASMA National Show
2015 Great Celebration
2014 NC State Fair
2013 Virginia Mule Show
2013 NASMA National Show
2013 Great Celebration
2012 River Valley Mule & Donkey Show
NY Croote, Sandy 518 875 6244  Needs Renewed    
TX Grimes, Marti 940-524-3478  Current NASMA, ABRA , ADMS, AMHA, AMHR, ASPC, ASPR, IALHA, IBHA, NMDA, PtHA, USEF  
UT Haws, Doug 435-635-8135  Current NASMA, AQHA, APHA, POA, NSBA, 4H, PHBA, AMHA, IBHA, PtHA  
CA Hightower, Pat 530-474-4791  Current NASMA, CSHA, ABRA, AMA, ADMS, AMHA, ETI, AMHR/ASPC  
NC Isley, Jim 336-669-9548  Current NASMA, AQHA, APHA, PHBA, NSBA, ApHC, AMHA, PtHA. 2017 Denver National Western
2016 NASMA National Show
2016 Great Celebration
2014 Denver National Western
2013 Texas State Championship Show
2012 NASMA National Show
2012 Great Celebration
2008 NC State Fair
2008 Great Celebration
2008 Florida State Fair
FL Iversen, Karen 352-628-9186  Current AMHA, AMHR, ASPC, WPCSA, USEF, PtHA, POAC, IBHA, ABRA, NASMA, IMAD, ADMS, NMDA 2017 NC State Fair
2017 NASMA National Show
2017 Great Celebration
2013 NC State Fair
2007 Florida State Fair
OK LeMay, Meri McKillips 918-261-2310  Current APHA, NASMA, Pinto, PHBA, AQHA, and NSBA. 2018 Denver National Western
2017 Ozark Mule Days
2016 Donkey and Mule Congress - Judges 3 & 4
2015 Silver Spur Classic
2013 All American Congress
2011 Fort Smith
OK Longacre, Nikki 918 827 6885  Current APHA, ApHC, PHBA, NSBA 2014 Silver Spur Classic
KY Martin, George 570-971-4421  Current PTHA, NSBA, NMDA, POA 2018 NASMA National Show
2018 Great Celebration
2017 Donkey and Mule Congress
2016 Kentucky State Championship
2015 NC State Fair
2014 KDMA 3rd Judge and Gaited
2014 All American Congress
2014 Florida State Fair
KY May, Donnie 859-623-0002  Needs Renewed Gaited Judge 2015 KDMA Gaited Show
2011 KY State Championship
KY Rea, Howard M. 502-647-7692  Current NASMA, AQHA, PHBA, PtHA, 2016 Donkey and Mule Congress
2014 KMDA Championship Show
2012 KY State Championship
2010 KY State Championship
2009 Great Celebration
2009 NASMA National Show
AR Reames, Kelley (479)438-0103 or (479)963-3454  Current   2017 VTP Fundraiser Show
2014 Silver Spur Classic
2014 Ozark Mule Days
TN Stafford, Susan 269 370 5378  Current PTHA, APHA, ApHA, POA 2018 Ozark Mule Days
2016 Donkey and Mule Congress
WI Tekampe, Nell 815-790-4188  Current PtHA, NSBA 2018 Ozark Mule Days
OH Thompson, Ron 937-364-6332  Current NASMA, POA, 4H, NMDA, 2015 KMDA Championship Show
2013 KMDA Championship Show
2013 Darke County Fair
2012 NAILE
2012 NC State Fair
2011 Ohio Classic
2010 Great Celebration
2010 NASMA National Show
2009 Woodford County Fair
2008 Darke County Fair
2008 KY State Championship
2007 Woodford County Fair
2007 All American Congress
OH Tracy, Kay 740-437-7640  Current NASMA, 4H, 2018 Darke County Fair
2016 Kentucky State Championship
2015 Darke County Fair
2012 Darke County Fair
2011 NAILE
2009 KY State Championship
2009 All American Congress
IN Vernon, Jim 502-299-2250  Current NASMA, AMHA, AQHA 2018 NASMA National Show
2018 Great Celebration
2015 KMDA Championship Show
2009 All Star
2008 Woodford County Fair
2007 NC State Fair
2007 KY State Championship
2007 Great Celebration
2006 World Show
2006 Franklin County, KY Mule Show
OH Whitehead, Wayne 419-524-6535  Current NASMA, POA, ABRA, AMHR, ASPC, NMDA, NRCHA, ARHA, ASPC, ACOSA, NMDR, AMA, ADMS, FQRH, NFQH4 2014 KMDA Championship Show
2014 NASMA National Show
2014 Great Celebration
2009 KY State Championship
KS Willoughby, Maryann 620-544-2168  Current NASMA, PtHA, AQHA, APHA, NSBA, NRCHA, POA, ApHC, PALOMINO, IBHA, NRHA , nmda 2017 Donkey and Mule Congress
2011 NAILE
2010 All American Congress
2008 All Star
2006 All American Congress
OH Wright, Daren 740-772-1894  Current NASMA, APHA, NSBA, PHBA, PtHA, ABRA, IBHA, and POAC. 2016 Donkey and Mule Congress - Judges 3 & 4
2009 NAILE
2007 World Show

Judges:  Please send any address or phone number changes to
or use your NASMA Member's Login.

NASMA encourages the use of new faces! If possible please enlist the use of someone not already under contract. For any assistance please contact a member of the Judges Committee.

GOOD NEWS, NASMA Judges! Now NASMA requires their Judges to hold a valid judging card in one or more of the following organizations: ADMS, AQHA, IBHA, AHSA, ApHC, PHBA, APHA, AAHA or any other horse breed associations.

Qualified mule judge applicants are encouraged to apply for a NASMA Judge's Card. If you know such an individual, encourage them to request an application packet on-line or from:

NASMA Judges Committee

994 Road 12, Hugeton, KS 67951


NASMA, PO Box 1108, Boyd,Texas 76023  
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