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Host a National Ride

The first annual NASMA National Rides were held in the Spring of 1996. Nine rides were hosted in zones across the country. In 1997 over 450 participants enjoyed eleven rides from April to August. Let's keep this tradition going!

Each ride in each zone is unique reflecting the character of the mule and donkey riders of that area. Poker Rides, campouts, mini trail classes with awards, holiday rides, raising money for charities, scavenger hunts are just a few of the themes of past National Rides. All providing great riding, great camaraderie and usually with some great food.

NASMA's VTP members who participate in a NASMA National Ride can log their hours just like they would if they were riding in National Parks, for every one hour of riding, you get to log two hours on your log sheet. Of course, NASMA requires that you provide a write up for your ride and provide some photos to be published on the website.

We are also encouraging VTP Zone Trail Rides!  The only requirement/request is that you send us a quality picture after/during the ride for use on this web site!  Advertisement will be Free!

If you would be interested in hosting a trail ride, contact a member of your VTP Chairman!




Host a Ride! 


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