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Tim Doud


Tim Doud with Grover

Tim Doud with Grover

Tim Doud uses the methods of the famous John Lyons and was the first person to graduate from the Certification Program using only Mules. Tim has studied John Lyons' training program for over 15 years and has been training using his methods for nearly the same. Tim offers the following training programs.

Mules are trained using a Full-Cheek Snaffle bit only. Groundwork and Bridle work are taught to each mule before the mule is mounted for the first time. This way, your mule knows the basic Bridle Cues - disengage hind quarters, moving the shoulder, stopping, etc. before the first ride. This makes it safer and easier for the mule to stay calm and focused.

Jan 2009: Problem Solving
Feb 2009: My Mule is better than your Mule
Mar 2009: Lightness
Apr 2009: Training is a Long Term Commitment
May 2009:  Training a Mule
Jun 2009: Spook in Place
Jul 2009: Go Forward Cue
Aug 2009: Trailer Loading
Sep 2009: Teaching Better Stops
Oct 2009: Picking up a Mule's Hind Feet
Nov 2009: Teaching the “Come To You” Cue
Dec 2009: Applying the “Replacement Concept”
  Jan 2010: New Year’s Resolutions
  Feb 2010: Choosing the Right Jack
  Mar 2010: Ground Driving
  Apr 2010: Starting a Mule Under Saddle
  Jun 2010 Fixing a Hard To Catch Mule
  Jul 2010 Buddy Sour Mules
  Aug 2010 Crossing Water

Dr. Tex Taylor, DMV


Here is a link to the "Practical Tips for the Donkey Doctor" videos by Tex Taylor.


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