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NASMDA is staffed by all volunteers.
Applicants need to realize that they cannot necessarily expect response within days, especially "snail" mail. If you are needing Registration and/or Membership status (Individual, Amateur or Youth), for participation in a show, please try to get that paperwork in at least 30 days prior to the show.

Membership Application Judges Event Approval Application
Print and Mail
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Amateur Application

1) Judge's Application
2) Judge's Reference Letter

** Judge's Evaluation Form **

Registration FAQ's
Mule/Hinny or Donkey Registration
(Existing Registered Names)
Registration Transfer Report
Farm Name Registration Application

Muletracker Registration Form

Scholarship Application
(NASMDA Youth Members only)
Motion Form for NASMDA Meetings

Versatility Trail Program

Rules for a Grievance
File a Grievance
Documentation Checklist


Other Forms
(These may be submitted on-line from your "Membership Area").


Director Nomination

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Volunteer for a Committee

Rule Change Submission


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